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Bridge DA Gap is a 501c3 non-profit organization that utilizes music to enhance the social-emotional development of youth in the areas of character building principles, life skills and self-regulation. Bridge DA Gap infuses Hip Hop music with the latest advances in technology to present youth in grades 6 through 12 with a comprehensive social-emotional development curriculum.

The curriculum consists of an e-book, songs and activities that engage youth using multiple methods of instruction and target the individual social engagement styles of each child. The program empowers youth with the ability to solve and effectively navigate through personal and interpersonal situations encountered at home, school and in their  communities.


The mission of Bridge DA Gap is to pass on a rich legacy to all youth through the development, understanding and application of core values and current life skills required to achieve both personal and professional goals.


The program goals of Bridge DA Gap work toward fostering students’ social-emotional growth and development. curriculum:

  • CONNECTS … with students by using music to instill character building traits and multi-media tools that engage and motivate

  • INSPIRES … through real-life relevant stories youth can relate to since they mirror their own lives

  • EQUIPS … youth with foundational skills to address social-emotional issues encountered daily that interfere with their ability to excel academically

  • MOTIVATES… youth to stay in school — GRADUATE — and strive to be SUCCESSFUL and SIGNIFICANT